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Cleaning & Preparation Tools & More

The process of constructing or updating your home is an exciting time, filled with potential and opportunities to create a truly unique place to call home. Many types of projects, however, will create a great deal of dust and debris within your home, and can also create environmental hazards that must be addressed. Ensuring proper safety while working on your next project is a top priority of the team at Buildworld and is the reason we offer a range of Cleaning Products to help promote a safe and enjoyable worksite, particularly regarding decorating and tiling projects.

Cleaning Chemicals

There are a number of powerful cleaning products that are available for use during a decorating or tiling job. When properly used, these chemicals can make it easier to strip off existing surfaces, control mold and mildew, clean the workspace and many other tasks. For these chemicals to be both effective and safe, it is absolutely critical that all printed instructions and warnings are carefully adhered to at all times.

Floor Protection

There are many different types of floor protection in the market, and there is truly a fit for virtually every set of needs. Covering the floor before getting started on a project is a step that is sometimes overlooked, often to get things moving. Ensuring that the floor is protected may take some time, but that investment is well worth it to prevent spills or physical damage from marring the finish of the existing flooring. Plastic sheeting is a popular option, as are canvas cloths and carpet sheeting.

Clothes & Sponges

When tiling or working on a decorative project, having the right cloth cleaners and sponges on hand can make the process far easier to manage. Fortunately, there are many different options available to suit a wide range of purposes. There are cleaning cloths that can grab fine dust or debris, and sponges that can create unique textured effects. Be sure to purchase enough to complete the job.

Packing Material

When the time comes to pack up valuable objects, having the right materials on hand is important. String cushioned wrap and stretch micron film are two popular packing choices that can protect what matters the most.

Dustpan Brooms and Dust Sheets

One of the most annoying aspects of any tiling or decorative project is the amount of dust that is created. Protecting the surrounding areas from dust infiltration can make it far easier to clean up once the project is complete. Dust sheets and dustpan broom combinations can make cleanup a breeze.

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