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Mapei was established in Milan and has quickly grown to become a leader in the production of building adhesives and chemical products. Our Mapei collection of products is exhaustive and priced competitively, so if you are looking for a Mapei product, call us. The brand has always placed great emphasis on research and also laid great importance to eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The range of products include Products for Ceramics and Stone Materials, resin flooring, Wall Protective and Decorative Coatings, for repairs, Elastic Sealants and Adhesives, Thermal Insulation, admixtures and more, the list is endless.

The Team

The Mapei team works closely with all its distributors and partners so they are in touch with the pulse of the customer and this helps them improve the products, performance, innovate, update as well as bring in latest equipment and technology in the manufacturing processes.

If there's any other Mapei sealants, adhesives or grouts or any other product that you require, call us or logon to our site.


Buildworld has a wide collection of Mapei Class S1 and S2 certified adhesives for all your requirements. Amongst these are certified according to EN 12004 standards and include Keraflex Maxi S1 Ultra Bianco, Ultralite S1, and Ultralite S2. Ultralite S1 Quick, Keraflex Maxi S1 Zero, Ultralite S2 Quick, Granirapid, Elastorapid and Keraquick S1.


In addition to its extensive sealant range, Mapei has introduced a new sealant for high-end tile and stone installations. Called Mapesil, this 100% silicone sealant is available in 18 colors and also a colorless version. Mapesil is a low odor and all weather resistant sealant and can be used in both interior and exterior applications on tile and stone.

Mapei Waterproofing materials

Waterproofing materials from Mapei can be used in a wide range of application during the construction process. From substrates to primers and protective membranes, you will find anything you need under one roof at build world.

Wall Protection and decoration

Products for wall protection include paints. Paints can be resin based, mineral based or synthetic. Thanks to the special formulations of Mapei paints, you get the best deal for the money spent. This paint adheres perfectly to all types of traditional renders, dehumidifiers and old well-bonded paints. It is water repellent, does not stain easily, highly resists washing and gives durability. It is applied using brush, roller, spray or airless on dried Primer or Base Coat. Select from a vast range of colours that are on our website. Call us today!!

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