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Specialist Line Paints

Buildworld is the suppliers and stockists of specially formulated paints of different types. These include line marking paints, metal paints, floor paints, anti-vandal paints, Fire-resistant paints and other specialist or problem solvers, for interior and exterior use. Brands include Dulux, Leyland and Rustins that are reliable and cost-effective. Our line marking paints offer superior performance in the most demanding environments. Our paints are used on roads, parks, parking as general and even safety signage. Our paint is both water and solvent-based depending on their applications. The brands we stock are in constant evolution to formulate the best in speciality paints and our present collection is the result of this continuous improvement over the years.

Types and Uses

Marking paint is used in many different areas. These include athletic field marking paint, pavement marking paint, tree marking paint, and many more. Marking Paint also finds different use at construction sites, excavation sites, sports arenas and stadiums, utility lines, and much more. These paints can easily be used on asphalt, gravel, dirt, brick, concrete and grass. Highly visible coating for high visibility; come with lead-free, VOC compliant composition and last for months, depending on the weather. These come in many colours for colour coding and other requirements.

Choosing the Best Line Marking Paints

Line marks have been there for years, and the roles that they play cannot be underestimated. In the traffic, they are used to guide motorists and pedestrians on which areas of the roads that they should use. In businesses and public places, line marks are mostly found in the parking yard. Of course, we cannot forget the importance of line marks in the world of sports. You will find them on the pitch and courts. These well-drawn arrays of lines look beautiful thanks to the line marking paints. These paints are not your regular paints. They have been specially manufactured to leave permanent marks on different types of materials.

Choosing a line marking paint is not something that you should do in a hurry. This is because there are different types of these paints and each type has its own unique properties. A Particular line of paint may work well in a specific area but fail to deliver in another field. Here are some of the key issues that will help you to buy the right line marking paint for your needs. Climatic conditions

The climate of your geographical location plays a vital role in determining the type of paint that you should use. You should know that the paints are made of different compounds which react differently to different climatic conditions. If you come from an area that experiences an extremely cold climate, it will be prudent to use paint that has a heavy presence of oil. This is because oil does not freeze meaning that your paint will remain in a perfect condition.

The same factor should be applied in a water-logged area. The bad relationship between oil and water would mean that the quality of the paint will not be affected. If you live in a zone that has a warm climate, choose thermoplastic paints. They are not affected by heat, and their quality will remain the same even in hot temperatures.

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