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Tile Trims

Trimmed and neat edges complementing finely laid tiles are indeed a spectacle for unwavering stares. They are mesmerising when they aptly and classically behove every facade. For protruding tiles, nosing out of the wall or floor edges, tile trims are a perfect recourse; the tile trims are handy in aligning them with the finely laid ones. Tremendously useful in hiding edges that otherwise get exposed and tend to be eyesores. Tile trims have additional features such as easy and quick installation; ease in cutting to length, and easily blending in with room decor.

What we Offer?

Tile trims include a vast range of smooth and practical solutions to guard and protect tiles. With the application of numerous tile types, they adapt to all kinds of environment. They work well with a vast range of part-tiled regions, windowsills and splashback. There are numerous types of tile trims that have been designed to suit different purposes of tile trimming. Thoroughly crafted with serrations to meet a range of preferences, accompanied by additional features such as slip resistance and so on, the range seemingly hails as a quintessential cost-effective alternative, with applications on tiles, laminates, wood or stones. The types include PVC Vinyl, Aluminium and Stainless Steel, in the categories of the corner, square edge, skirting edges, and quadrant and so on. Thus, accessories are true helpers in the process of laying tiles, and all of those integrate to make it easier, faster, giving desired results of satisfaction.

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