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Fence Care - Fence & Shed Paints

A fenced-in yard increases the property value of a home. It allows for children and pets to play in a safe environment away from the oncoming vehicles or predators. It acts as a security measure making one more boundary a burglar would have to cross to do harm. Fence care is an important aspect of maintaining that useful structure so it will last for decades instead of just years to come saving you thousands in the long run. It will also maintain the look of being new if maintained properly and routinely.

How to Take Care of your Fence Care?

After your fence is built, it is of the utmost importance to clean and stain the surface completely and totally. Cleaning and drying thoroughly is the first part of the job. You can spray the entire surface clean with a hose, but if the fence is still dirty afterwards, these areas should be washed with a sponge and soapy water especially in areas closest to the ground where the fence is more susceptible to rot.


Allow the fence to dry thoroughly and completely before applying one of the many staining and fence care products on the market. A product called One Coat Fence Life can be purchased in easy to use 5-litre containers at a good price. Ronseal and Creocoat are other great brands. Make sure to read the instructions on the container thoroughly before use. Make sure also to look at the weather forecast. If it looks like it will rain before the coat dries, it is best to put off the project for another day when it is sure to be dry.

Routine Maintenance

Keep shrubbery and yard waste away from the fence to avoid rot. The same goes for tall grass. A weed whacker should be used in these areas where the fence meets the ground. The more clutter is in contact with the wood, the faster the fence will degrade.

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