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Red Colour Doors

A red door certainly stands out, be it inside the house or as the home's front door. Red has that impossible to miss quality about it, unlike any other colour in the spectrum. A red front door can add a spec of vibrant colour, especially when the rest of the home is stone or brick or a neutral colour. Welcome your guest with a door having a cheery wall of fire engine red colour.

In Feng Shui, a red door is considered welcoming and lucky. Aside from being a warm colour, red front doors improve the overall look of the house. It makes a super backdrop to copper, gold and bronze. Any metallic will shine against this vibrant colour; therefore, Ember or Red doors are becoming a popular addition to a broader palette of colours for the home.

A Red door works well in open spaces such as the Main door or in the home's exterior, but it may look overwhelming in small areas, best avoided. Keeping a red-painted door clean is also easy. Our collection doors come to you from leading brands such as XL joinery and are made from top quality engineered wood, designed for strength, stability and unmatched performance.

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