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Draught Excluders

At Buildworld, we have an entire section dedicated to products that will be used in keeping out the weather and be useful in damage protection. These include rain deflectors, weather deflectors and draught excluders. Apart from draughts, our threshold excluders also work to stop dust, water, and draughts from entering indoors from under the door. Simple to fit, these products can be used with all kinds of doors and come in different sizes and colours.

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More Info On Draught Excluders

All external door and windows will suffer under the effects of the weather and other external factors such as wind, rain, heat etc. Interiors usually are much less affected as compared to exterior features because of constant exposure to weather extremes, and moisture. However, with a little bit of planning and use of weather deflectors external doors and windows should serve to keep you safe from the environment.

Draught excluders are used to eliminate cold draughts entering through exterior doors and windows so as to prevent loss of heat as well as keep the dwellers warm. These products are usually placed in the bottom opening where the doors meet the floor and in windows cracks to provide a perfect seal to block the outdoor cold draughts.

Draught excluders are designed to save you money in the long run and unlike insulation draught excluders prevent cold or warm air from passing around it. Therefore, Draught excluders may be needed even in well insulated rooms if draughts of wind come in through joints of windows and doors.

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