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Interior Room Dividers

There are inevitably times when space is at a premium within a room or you are looking to add a classy touch to the existing decor. These are two of the most common reasons why interior room dividers will often be chosen. Available in a number of styles and crafted from a wide range of materials, it has never been easier to choose the most appropriate model with the help of Builder Depot. Let us take a closer look at what is in store.

What are the Types of Interior Room Dividers We Offer?

Interior room dividers are generally classified by their dimensions as well as what materials have been used within their design. All of our models are offered at a standard height of 2,047 millimetres (just over two metres). However, their widths will vary depending upon your current needs. These range from approximately 1.3 metres to 4.2 metres.

These interior room dividers are equipped with a unique fold-and-slide mechanism that enables them to be opened and closed with ease. Thus, they can remain tucked out of the way when not in use. The number of doors will also vary, and this will primarily depend upon the intended width of the unit. Up to six folding doors can be equipped for larger apertures.

There are a number of finishes to choose from. Primed surfaces are available although it is also possible to purchase models without any type of paint. An organic appeal can be achieved through the use of high-quality oak while white finishes are able to provide a minimalistic touch within contemporary rooms. In addition to these (and other) finishes, clear glazing as well as obscure glass panes are available. The latter will tend to offer an increased sense of privacy.

Selecting the Right Divider for Your Requirements

There are a few preliminary factors to take into account when choosing the most appropriate interior room divider. Once the dimensions have been measured, examine the type of finish that is the best fit for the environment. If you are unable to find an applicable pre-existing finish, it is recommended to choose a primed model that can be painted in the future. Also, closely examine the style of the doors themselves. Some examples here include:

  • Shaker Frames
  • Vertical window panes
  • Horizontally segmented windows
  • Panes with bevelled edges

It is always best to examine each variety of these doors in greater detail so that you can make an informed and relevant decision.

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