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Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Modern houses and smaller areas often prove to be a challenge when it comes to room design. It isn’t always easy to maximise the space and functionality of a building that has fixed sizes and a standard door fitting, as it can often be quite inflexible. Internal bi-fold doors at Buildworld offer a much more flexible option, with entrances that can be simply folded back, allowing for more access than a solid door.

With bi-fold doors, you have just as much range and choice as a standard fixed version and can match the interior style and decor of most buildings. They come in a range of multiple panelled options, each one suitable for different spaces, so you can choose from simply replacing a regular doorway, to adding a much larger, room divider.

One of the beauties of the bi-fold style of door is that once folded back, they are completely out of the way, allowing spaces to be increased and the solid divider between rooms softened. The selections on our site, allow you to choose between the maximum or minimum light flow, with a range that features everything from full glass panels to solid oak. We also offer half-glazed doors, etched glass and a number of other options to suit all tastes.

Bi-folds can be used as either a permanent replacement for standard doorways or a more temporary feature that can be left open. It’s an ideal method of closing off space when you don’t need it and accessing it easily again when you do. More versatile than a lot of other options, the central hinged concertina action allows freedom of movement and can be used with or without running tracks, for a smooth gliding option.

As well as the practical advantages these doors offer, they are often used as a feature point. A larger glazed version can act, not only as a fully-fledged room divider but as a focus to the area beyond. For this reason, they are also often used between the inside of the home and the garden. This gives the visual appearance of French windows while providing a more open plan, easily accessible entrance and exit.

To ensure you buy the correct item for your project, consider the size, light flow and style of the room it is to be used in. Some doors come pre-finished in a range of colours and stains, while others will require treating. There is also a range of different handles on offer, each one designed to enhance the individual product.

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