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Gate Hinges

At Buildworld, we have different types of gate hinges to match the needs of every customer. Sometimes you find that heavy duty gate hinges are a necessity, especially for the heavy gates and doors. These are most suitable for industries that have constant flow and outflow activities. Other types are used on regular gates for homes.

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More Info On Gate Hinges

Hook & band hinges or Gate Hinges satisfy the need for hinges that are sturdier than other kinds of hinges. These are usually made from galvanised stainless steel and used in applications where erosion resistance is paramount. Ensure the gate hinges have seals to help keep the lubricants in to avoid contaminants.

Large hinges range from sizes 24” to 35” are ideal for heavy doors, gates and barn or garage doors. We proudly supply an assortment of gate hinges from Dale Hardware that can be used with metal, wood, and vinyl gates and other frequently used gates.

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