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Sliding Wardrobes

The Products and Options that We Offer

Buildworld is proud to be able to offer a wide array of wardrobe options. For example, clients can choose from dimensions as small as 610 millimetres to as large as 914 millimetres. Shaker doors and classic models are likewise available; each offering its own unique appeal. Finishes including silver, white, walnut, and black can be selected. Glazing options such as black glass, white glass and cream can also be chosen. All of the models within this Spacepro line are built to last and manufactured to the highest of standards, so quality is never an issue.

More Info On Sliding Wardrobes

Please take a look at each door in greater detail in order to appreciate your options, and as always, we will be happy to address any additional questions.

A wardrobe is certainly one of the most functional portions of any home. It, therefore, stands to reason that modern wardrobe doors are constructed with durability alongside a sense of visual appeal. Such units should be able to blend in with any existing decor while providing easy access to clothes, shoes and countless other stored items. There is no room for the concept "one size fits all" and Buildworld is committed to providing every customer with a range of options based on their individual preferences.

Wardrobes come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. This is the first major factor to address, as the doors need to remain firmly in place at all times. Unsightly gaps and units which are unable to close properly should always be avoided.

Once the width and the height are determined, their opening mechanism will be addressed. Sliding doors are an excellent option for a number of reasons. As they will not open outwards, they can be a great selection for those who are looking to save space or who may be dealing with a cramped environment. A distinct lack of hinges also signifies that there are very few parts which will suffer from wear and tear; important in terms of longevity.

Besides this sense of functionality, other considerations will involve the desired appearance. Some consumers may wish to embrace the organic feel of a wooden finish while others are instead looking for mirrored surfaces to maximise the amount of ambient light within a room. Of course, it is possible to choose from a variety of hues and patterns. Aesthetics should always play an important role when deciding upon a specific make and model.

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