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A staircase is a flight of stairs designed to connect vertical spaces with smaller units called steps. Stairs can be straight, round, or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angles. Ladders are also stairs. The staircase design has evolved over the years with a variety of materials used for its construction. Traditionally it was brick and stone with the most recent additions being solid surface and glass. Let’s look at a few staircase materials you will find that staircases are made of.

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Concrete has always been the most popular choice for staircase construction. It is easy to make curved and spiral staircases with concrete, the material also being strong and durable. Wooden or metal handrails and balustrade are normally used with concrete staircases to enhance its visual appeal.

Wooden staircase

Wood is also extremely popular staircase material as it beautifies the interior styling. It can be used with equal ease in traditional or contemporary settings. Wooden staircases offer a sleek and trim look that merges nicely with modern interiors.

Stone staircase

Stone is commonly used in staircases as it comes in a massive range of colours and textures while also looking stunning. Marbles and Granite are widely used as a cladding material for concrete and brick staircase. Also, stone is an excellent staircase material for exteriors like garden and patios.

Glass staircase

Glass is a relatively modern addition to the list of staircase materials. Newer varieties of glass are being used as a staircase material for a sleek and contemporary look. Glass staircases can be well complemented with metallic balusters and handrails. However, it requires some effort in maintenance.

Solid Surface staircase

Solid surface offers a good alternative to natural materials like stone. Besides worktops and countertops, it is now being used as a staircase material. These are low in maintenance, durable, and look amazing as well.

Metal staircase

Metal staircases are great option for smaller interiors. Metal is strong and hard wearing but scores low on aesthetics. Mainly used as escape fire staircases in different types of buildings.

At Buildworld, we stock staircases in wood and MDF along with accessories and parts such as handrails, base rails, spindles, and Balusters. These are crafted out of high quality wood, steel or MDF for functionality and durability. The staircases are normally delivered in separate parts that are screwed together during installation.

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