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Roof Domes

Suitable for residential as well as office buildings— Roof Dome styled windows bear a unique design to diffuse the sunlight evenly through its diffuser lens accentuating the spread of light in an extremely efficient manner. A roof dome can provide ventilation in areas that are susceptible to mould, like kitchens and bathrooms. They add to the thermal efficiency of a room and reduce the torrent of external sounds by reinforcing sound insulation.

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More Info on Roof Domes

Roof domes are largely produced in polycarbonate material which makes this window type an easy to procure and durable commodity. And that is one of the chief reasons behind its heavy use in commercial establishments to satisfy roof lighting demand in large numbers covering a humungous expanse of office space.   

A vast majority of roof domes aren’t held hostage by the need for external kerbs as an upright structural component is integrated into the product’s supply. This feature not only saves expenditure on purchasing external kerbs but it facilitates faster installation to save a lot of time.

  Single, double, triple, and quadruple-layered glaze coating options in Polycarbonate dome roofs affect the light quality along with insulation at varying levels. Double-layered glaze coating is the bare minimum pre-requisite to secure thermal efficiency indicated by low U-values which charts lower registers with every successive layer of additional glaze.

Roof domes made of glass command a substantially higher price than the ones made from plastic due to better thermal efficiency inherent in glass made products. In terms of form and aesthetic appeal— roof domes made from polycarbonate offer a variety of shapes which comprise rectangle, trapeze, pyramid, circular, and square designs. Manual and Power operated roof domes are better predisposed to rooms in need of ventilation while Fixed Roof Domes would serve best in areas with ample alternative ventilation sources. Manual roof domes need physical exertion to a certain extent while Electric models respond to switches installed in a convenient location and with remote controls. Some models in Manual, as well as Electric roof domes, are designed to facilitate emergency escapes. Some companies produce models, which open automatically in response to smoke and are rightly marketed as smoke ventilation domes making them highly popular with establishments hosting kitchens.

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