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Roof Lanterns

Considered highly suitable for properties with flat roof extensions—modern roof lanterns are capable of making significant contributions to thermal efficiency and saving money on electric bills. A variety of glass finishes and self-cleaning mechanisms broadens the aesthetic choices and provides much needed maintenance-related relief to the roof lantern owner. At Buildworld, we offer a variety of Roof Lanterns to match your set of specifications.

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More Info on Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns bring an extraordinary amount of light into the room and add to the existing space an unrestrained quality through its elevated design. Often compared to or sometimes misrepresented as skylight due to its compatibility with flat roofs— roof lanterns bear a distinct angular form that resembles a dome and is aesthetically traditional and is nowadays adapted for contemporary tastes.    

The non-opening roof lantern designs are ideal for those seeking additional privacy and are sensitive to the issue of security. However, trickle vents, opening sashes, and opening windows are conventional options woven into the mechanism of roof lanterns in order to address ventilation needs.

Capable of spanning an entire room’s length— Rectangular roof lanterns’ dimensions are ideal for copious amounts of light to deliver a significant change in lighting up a room.

Square shaped roof lanterns are more compatible with smaller rooms in need of comforting warmth to their lighting quotient— square-shaped roof possess the advantage of symmetrical delivery granting them access in a cluster to brighten bigger areas and retain their singularity in smaller private spaces for a delicate effect. The use of octagonal roof lanterns is reserved for larger polygonal rooms and properties with traditional architecture. 

Reduction in power consumption and architectural enrichment are strongly associated with the introduction of roof lanterns to most properties. Roof lanterns equip any room with better reception of sunlight diffused in a lavish amount to engender a sense of vibrancy and spaciousness, altering the ambience and effecting a clear transformation of the space affected by its installation.

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