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Sun & Light Tunnels

We offer both flexible and rigid Velux sun tunnels, plus curved and flat glass roof light windows, in various sizes.

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More Info On Sun and Light Tunnels

Sun tunnels are installed by cutting a hole into the roof from the outside and another hole in the ceiling from the inside. After the holes are cut, a reflective tunnel is inserted to connect the two holes. The reflective material directs sunlight into the room, giving your space natural lighting as long as the sun is out. Cost-effective and energy-efficient, sun and light tunnels are an excellent way to bring more natural light into your home or office. Sun tunnels are also a great lighting alternative when traditional windows and skylight installations are not an option.

Brighten a bathroom, illuminate a kitchen, and create sparkling lit spaces with roof light windows and sun tunnels. Whether your room does not have windows or you just want to boost brightness in an area, light tunnels can make that happen by streaming in light from above.

Roof light is also a nice way to add style to a room. For example, add a focal point of light in a shower or kitchen or add aesthetic appeal with decorative diffusers.

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