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More Info On Cable Management

Cables are an integral part of any dwelling and ensure the comfort of the occupants, besides effective leisure and working environment. However, fixing of cables requires the right cable management supplies, which differ greatly as per the end-use of the cable. At Builworld we stock the entire range of cable installation supplies, all under one roof making your job easier

Cable fixings are small accessories that are used for electricity protection for cables and users. They are also highly practical in relegating cables to create a clutter free and comfortable interior. Some of the important aspects of cable management and supplies include -

Cable Conduit & Trunking – Cable trunking or electrical ducting is made to conceal and keep cables and electrical equipment secure. Trunking involves a rectangular enclosure, with a single hinged or removable side. Electrical conduits are tubes that could be of plastic, metal, rubber or clay. These are used to route and protect cables and may be rigid or flexible.

Glands Grommets – these are fixtures that provide an entry or exit point for a cable. Being situated at a joint, they have to be weatherproof to protect the cable from any issue due to water, etc.

Cable Ties, Clips & Fixings – a range of accessories to bind together cables, fix them to surfaces or connect joints. Ties are flexible and mostly used for lighter wires and cables, while clips are rigid, made of premium plastic and used for attaching a cable to a wall, for example. Fixings can include smaller, but equally important elements, such as screws.

Cable Sleeving – is an outer mesh protective covering for cables. These protect cables from abrasion and or weather and temperature conditions. Cable sleeving can be in conduit, spiral wrap, wire loom and braided as required.

Insulation Tapes – also generically known as ‘Electric Tape’ these are black coloured and made of plastic or vinyl. The latter is more popular as it is flexible. These are pressure sensitive and used for long term insulation and binding of any open wires together.

At Buildworld, we have the entire gamut of cable management supplies from reputed makers that you can rely on, at some of the best possible prices.

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