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Coaxial Cables

Install your devices in a flash with one of our efficient and durable coaxial cables. We carry plenty of options suitable for just about any connection you can think of, transmitting satellite, cable, radio, or Internet signals quickly and with low losses.

Coaxial cables are essential for carrying electrical signals to your home, so you can get an Internet connection and hook up your satellite or cable television service. All of our cables feature a classic shielded design that ensures fast transmission without the worry of obstruction. This design also helps protect from damage caused by environmental factors.

With our cables, you never have to worry about spending tons of money to receive the best possible product. Because the satisfaction of our customers is important to us, we offer reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. Our cables always come from sturdy materials, facilitate conductivity, and allow for simple installations.

We Have a Coaxial Cable to Fit All of Your Connections

At Build World, we have a variety of cables available in different models, lengths, and colors to meet your specific needs. The foam RG6 Satellite Cable is perfect for television signals and has plenty of leeway with a 100-meter reel. It also comes in black, brown, and white, so you can choose the color that best matches your home.

For multiple hook-ups, our Shotgun Coaxial Cable features twin cables capable of more than one connection. It’s a fantastic option for Sky+ and other television installations. With a choice of either a 100-meter or 125-meter reel, you’ll have extra room for stretching the cord between devices. You can easily match it to your other wires with a choice of black or white.

We carry heavy-duty cables, too. The CT100 Coaxial Cable is one of the best available with a double copper screen that helps conductivity and adds durability. And the SAT100 Cable works specifically for TV and satellite connections, featuring a copper conductor that increases conductivity. Plus, it’s insulated for extra protection against the elements.

Take a look at our wide range of sturdy coaxial cables to achieve direct, fast, and efficient connections in your home or business.

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