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Single Core Cables

This type of cable consists of stranded copper twisted together and sheathed in PVC. The PVC housing is colour-coded yellow and green for earth, brown for living and blue for neutral. The copper conductor is stranded to allow flexibility in the cable, as a solid wire would be very difficult to work with, particularly at higher gauges.

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When Are They Used?

Also known as conduit cables, they are often used in conduits in commercial projects. They have a variety of applications in domestic wiring which are predominantly earthing and equipotential bonding. They are very durable due to their PVC insulation. Therefore they can also be used in damp environments where corrosion could damage other types of wire. Earthing protects circuits from power surges and reduces the risk of electric shock from uninsulated metal components and short circuits. Earth wires need to be securely connected to clean metal pipes with earth clamps. Equipotential bonding is when all conductive elements are joined to ensure the same potential voltage, thus reducing risk in the event of a fault. Single core cables are used for main bonding of metal service pipes that enter a building and for supplementary bonding in areas such as bathrooms and airing cupboards where metal pipes need to be bonded.

How to Buy the Right One?

For common domestic earthing applications, 6mm is the usual gauge throughout the household, while 16mm is used on a consumer unit. For equipotential bonding, 10mm is used for main bonding while 4mm is commonly used for supplementary bonding. Ensure you buy the correct coloured sheathing for your project. Yellow and green insulated wires are used for most earthing and bonding applications. Wiring of appliances like electric ovens and consumer units needs to be colour-coded using brown for live and blue for neutral. Always check the required gauge for the application before purchase.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of single core cables comprising seven different gauges, or thicknesses, namely, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, and 25mm. These are available in yellow and green, brown and blue PVC sheathing. You can purchase by the metre and in reels of 50m or 100m.

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