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MCB's - Mini Circuit Breaker

A well-established electrical system is essential for the safe and proper functioning of your home, office, or factory. Voltage fluctuations and faults in the electrical system can be hazardous. One of the modern ways of protecting your low voltage electrical network is the miniature circuit breaker, MCB.

Advantages of an MCB

An MCB automatically switches off the electrical circuit during conditions such as an overload or short circuit. It has the following advantages over the fuse:

  • Reliable fault detection.
  • More sensitive to overcurrent faults than a fuse.
  • Easy to restore.
  • Handling is safer as you are not exposed to live parts of the system.

Types of MCB's

  • Type B: They trip instantly at a current that is three to five times the rated current, hence suitable for cable protection and residential systems.
  • Type C: They trip when the current is five to 10 times the rated current hence suitable for fluorescent lightings and small motors.
  • Type D:Trips when the current is 10-20 times the rated current and are suitable for industrial appliances such as motors, UPS systems, and X-ray machines.

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