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RCD's and RCBO's

Consider us your first stop when you need an RCD or RCBO to protect yourself and your property from dangerous electrical overloads. With our selection of both single and double pole devices from MK Electric, you are sure to find the defense you need from shock and electrical fires.

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More Info On RCD's and RCBO's

RCD's and RCBO's are life-saving tools that prevent you from sustaining fatal electrical shocks, quickly breaking the circuit before you experience any harm. They can also protect from electrical fires, short circuits, and cable overloads. These devices are vital to keeping your family, property, and equipment safe from potential electrical destruction.

We care about the quality of the products we carry, especially when it comes to safety, and that's why we choose to sell MK Electric units. For decades, MK Electric has kept our homes and families shielded from electrical injury. As a leader in the electrical market, consumers trust their products to be effective, and so do we.

Because protecting your family shouldn't cost a premium, you can count on us for reasonable prices. When you choose to buy an RCD or RCBO from Build World, you can feel confident that both your family and finances are secure.

A Variety of Options to Suit Your Needs

We offer a broad range of both RCD and RCBO units to accommodate your needs.

The reliable MK Electric Sentry RCBO Single Pole 30mA Trip is a powerful combination of an MCB and an RCD. It's available in six amp strengths, from 10 to 45, making it very versatile. It provides overload and earth fault current protection all in one device. Its small size makes it a perfect choice when you have limited space.

If you need an RCD unit, the Sentry Double Pole 3 Module 30mA Trip covers almost every residential, commercial, and light industrial requirement. It's available in both 63 and 80 amp strengths.

We take your electrical needs seriously because we know it means the defense of your home and family. With one of our dynamic RCD or RCBO devices in your arsenal, you can protect what you care about from the dangers posed by electrical overloads and fires.

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