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Cable Rods

Install cables quickly and safely with one of our versatile cable rods made for guiding cables through narrow spaces. Our variety of cable rods suits the needs of professional electricians working on large projects and homeowners installing their own audio and video cables.

We carry Super Rod products made with precision and care through a unique swaging process that guarantees a consistent product every time. This process is twice as strong as glue and doesn’t use any chemicals.

Our Super Rod cable rod sets ensure proper installation and are quicker and more secure than using tape. Our QuickBuild Set includes the essentials and is perfect for novices, while the Mega Set has 15 attachments, making it a fantastic fit for professionals. We also carry a Deluxe Set that covers every stage of cable set-up.

No matter the complexity of your cable installation, our convenient cable rod sets will help you get the job done with efficiency and ease.

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