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Junction Boxes, Connectors & Clips

Building and construction also involve working with electrical equipment and electrical work. This makes it necessary to have a few tools on hand to ensure safety before, during and after completion of the project. Electricians will likely have few tools that they will use almost every day. At Buildworld, we have everything from screwdrivers and testers to accessory tools; we stock many products to facilitate any electrical related task.

Cable Ties, Clips and Fixings are a range of accessories to bind together cables, fix them to surfaces or connect joints. Ties are flexible and mostly used for lighter wires and cables, while clips are rigid, made of premium plastic, and used to attach cables to walls. Fixings can include smaller but equally important elements, such as screws. Electrical boxes or junction boxes encase wire connections and protect against short circuits, keep the hazard of fire away, and come in many shapes and sizes to fit different locations. At Buildworld, we have the entire gamut of electrical supplies from reputed makers such as Forum Lighting, and many more that you can rely on, at some of the best possible prices. Ties, connectors and junction boxes come from top quality material for reliability in various widths, from 100mm to 905mm.

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