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Motorised Valves

A motorised valve opens and closes using an electric motor and is also suited to applications such as agricultural irrigation and hydroelectric power generation systems. Its function primarily is to control the flow of water in a central heating system by regulating both flows of hot water and heating. The internal fluid control working of motorized valves is similar to manual valves except that it is actuated by an electric motor. Such valves can be opened or closed remotely as well.

Motorized valve mechanisms can be used along with electrical limits so that the motor supply cuts off when a valve is fully opened or closed. An open valve can be closed by reversing the motor's direction and the other way for opening it.

At Buildworld, we have motor valves and other accessories from brands such as Oracstar. These come to you in different width ranges and can get them at £49.68. Each valve is made to the stringent regulatory standards to achieve the desired performance.

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