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Radiator Valves & Accessories

Radiators come with radiator valves and accessories that work to control their efficient performance. Radiator valves are available in versatile mechanisms and designs. Radiator valves not only save energy bills but are also instrumental in keeping your rooms at the right temperatures. Some of these valves have enhanced energy-efficient performance and are compliant with the latest quality and safety standards. These come in 2 main types-Manual are controlled by the user while thermostatic valves automatically control the temperature keeping it almost constant.

Radiators and towel rail accessories include manual radiator valves, thermostatic radiator valves, heating elements, mounting brackets, lockshield valves, feet, and tails and, when used under the optimal conditions, will provide the desired results. These come to you in attractive finishes and a host of sizes and also are customized if needed.

Buildworld supplies superior quality radiator valves to keep your radiators running efficiently. Our models are available in different materials, colors, and sizes. Select from the best brands, including Master flow and Oracstar and chrome and white finish. For peak performance, ensure you select only accessories compatible with your radiators.

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