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Commercial Lighting

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Lighting remains one of the most important aspects of modern life, especially when it comes to commercial spaces. Residential lights, like all others, are for illumination, but they are more geared towards mood-enhancement, ambience and visual appeal of interior spaces. Commercial lighting, on the other hand, can be a combination of the above, as well as include many other purposes, depending on the nature of the space it is required for.

Let us look at a few examples

Bulkhead Lights – The term ‘bulkhead’ brings to mind ships, which is where such lights were first used. These were plain no-frill large area illuminating lights. Today, bulkhead lights are those that are similar and used in domestic and commercial spaces. These are usually geometrical in shape, more functional than decorative and cheaper than other such lights.

Emergency Lighting – Lights used in areas that handle or could face emergencies are different from standard lighting. Besides, using electricity for power, Emergency lights have a battery back-up that takes over in case of an outage. This is especially important in hospital operating theaters, ICUs, and other such places. Nowadays it is a commonplace to have emergency lights in most large buildings for basic amenities.

High Bay & Panels Lights – Several commercial areas have high ceilings and lighting has to be appropriate to brighten up such places. When ceiling heights are 20 to 40 feet, high bay lights are used, such as in warehouses, gymnasiums, auditoriums, etc. Bay lights when implemented in continual rows within broad coverings, they are known as panel lights. In places, both high bay and panel lights may be used, with the former lighting the actual room and the later placed along passageways.

Commercial lighting is best applied after keeping in mind several factors. These begin with the layout of the area, the purpose it is being used for and the amount of light usage. Keeping in mind energy savings, most commercial lighting uses LEDs and may include accessories like diffusers and dimmers.

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