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Site Lighting - Task & Work Lights

If finding the right construction materials has been bothering you, then welcome to Buildworld. Here not only will you find all that is required for building a structure but a range of options from different brands that are reputed in the market. Better yet, all your needs, exterior or interior are available in one place making your job easier and allowing you to concentrate on just building your dream landmark building.

One of the greatest inventions in buildings of the modern world is lighting which has dramatically altered life and productive hours. While indoor lighting is important, outdoor lighting, especially for large and commercial spaces is equally vital. It not only illuminates wide spaces but also works towards safety and security concerns.

Such illumination is known as Site Lighting and though it sounds simple, there are several aspects that differentiate it from ordinary lighting. Site lighting is usually used for large outdoor areas like parks, walkways, building enclosures, public transport depots, parking lots and even commercial establishments, as well as outdoor events.

Due to the fact that it covers a large space, site lighting has to be uniform and even. It has to provide bright light, as well as be aesthetic and flexible when it comes to controls. Additionally, energy savings are an important consideration. That is why most site lighting involves the use of LEDs, as these are the best eco-friendly options and also can be controlled.

There are a number of options in site lighting that include basic bulbs, lamps, portable lights, flex strips and festoons that are rows of wires with bulbs at intermittent spaces. Besides these, there are many accessories such as stands, strip guards, mirrored lamps and more, depending on the area to be illuminated and the light system involved. Ste lighting can also be permanently fixed, temporary fixed and dynamic, as per requirements.

Choosing the right site lighting is a technical and creative job, depending on the area. A parking lot just needs uniform light in all areas, including behind beams and wall corners. In such a case, fixed permanent lighting is best and can be incorporated as per the layout of the lot. However, a festival or event requires temporary lighting, with or without spotlights to enhance specific areas or booths. Thus, a lighting system that involves independent or portable lamps or festoons would be the best option for it.

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