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Starters & Transformers

One of the only home-improvement avenues to not yet make it to the DIY world is electrical wiring – and with good reason. While homeowners can choose all the beautiful lamps and lighting systems they want, it takes a professional with the right tools and components to keep them running.

Some of the most common components used in powering lighting systems in homes and offices are starters and transformers. The latter is a passive electrical device that transfers current from one circuit to another (or multiple) circuits. They vary widely in size, with some only being powerful enough to run a toy train. Others can run entire city blocks.

Starters, on the other hand, play a much more active role in a home’s lighting situation. Small tubes filled with inert gas, these little items are what make many in-home fixtures work. Fluorescent lamps starters, for instance, aid in many forms of overhead lighting. Some older models might still use tube light starters, which accomplish the same task with less efficiency.

Whether installing new lighting, replacing fixtures, or creating an entirely new home ambiance from scratch, starters and transformers are sure to play a fairly large role.

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