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Laminate Flooring Accessories

Laminate tile is a popular flooring choice for many families because it mimics the appearance of wood floors at a fraction of the cost with minimal maintenance. Unlike wood floors, laminate is also relatively easy to install. If you plan on installing a laminate floor, there are several tools you will need, including mouldings, an underlay, fillers and joint sealers, adhesive, and various safety tools such as a quality utility knife, protective gloves, and a carpenter’s square. At Buildworld, we stock a range of Laminate Flooring Accessories. Explore our range and buy the best one based on your requirement.


Virtually all types of flooring use underlayment. It provides additional noise protection and insulation, as well as providing a barrier between the laminate tile and the subfloor.

Fillers and Joint Sealants

Fillers and joint sealants are compounds that are used to fill cracks and even the surface of the subfloor before laying the laminate tile. Fillers are typically used for wooden sub-floors whereas joint sealants are used for concrete sub-floors.


You need some way to secure the laminate tiles to the underlay, so they remain secure and in position. Specialized laminate adhesives are used to ensure the laminate tile stays in place until you can lock the flooring together.


Mouldings are necessary for anytime a laminate floor comes up against a wall or cabinet. Unlike carpet, which can be tucked underneath the wall, laminate flooring requires a proper moulding at all times.

Other Flooring Laminate Accessories

There are a number of other tools and accessories you may need for your floor installation, such as a utility knife, chalk line and laminate floor cleaner to remove dust during the install. You may also wish to purchase safety equipment such as goggles and gloves. Working with a utility knife is dangerous, and a slip of the knife can be serious.

Buy browsing our online catalogue, you can find and purchase all of the tools and accessories you may need for your laminate installation. If you have any questions about the process, our flooring specialists are always available to assist. We can be reached by telephone, e-mail or in person at any of our five London branches.

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Basix Premium DPM Underlay For Flooring UL02

Basix Premium DPM Underlay For Flooring UL02

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