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Sound Insulation Slab & Acoustic Sound Insulation Roll

Buildworld stocks a number of acoustic insulation and acoustic absorption products for the building industry. We work closely with experienced architects, developers and acoustic consultants to provide the best solutions when you are building a home or commercial space, educational or recreational facilities. We have floorboards for underfloor heating and sound reduction. When installed as an acoustic system on a separating floor the board helps achieve compliance with Part E soundproofing regulations and is Robust detail compliant.

Acoustic absorption or noise reduction is a process of absorption of sound waves by any material. Some materials have inherent properties of transforming acoustic energy into other forms of energy. These materials will absorb a substantial part of the sound waves without reflecting them. The final outcome depends on sound frequency, size, shape, location, and mounting method used for the overall sound absorptive membrane. Such systems are porous and therefore, are excellent sound absorbers.

What are acoustic Underlays?

Acoustic Underlays are materials designed to sit beneath floor coverings for reduction of sounds that would otherwise transmit through the floor. Made of various materials like polyester matting, recycled rubber or a composite material, these absorb footfall noise and vibrations, preventing them from passing through the floor. Acoustic underlays usually are made from multiple layers and thicknesses, designed to block out different levels of noise. These products also improve your floor’s thermal insulation while providing a softer surface to walk on.

Why sound reduction is required?

Comfort: When homes are too close to each other you don’t want to inconvenience neighbours by loud noises. Sound insulation prevents voice leaks and protects your privacy as well as avoid disturbance. When you play music, it must not disturb the neighbours who may not take it very nicely.

Noise Compliance: To avoid disturbance to others, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed.

Avoid impact sound:Sound insulation ensures that when we play music, we can hear each other and the music, and keep the environment as comfortable as possible.

Human health and safety:High decibel noise is bad for the environment but for the human too. Sound insulation helps to reduce the noise and keep it at tolerable levels.

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