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Kitchen Sink Wastes

The sink is the heart of the cleaning system of the kitchen and is necessary for washing, cooking and other kitchen chores that demand draining and rinsing. Draining away the debris efficiently in the sink can be achieved by a high-quality waste system. There are separate systems for single and double-basin sinks. Depending on the type of sink, the plug operates manually or automatically.

The kitchen sink wastes drain water away from your sink and are made of 3 parts: the filter, plug and trap. A waste strainer does washing and cleaning easier by allowing the sink to fill with water and a basket to catch any food waste and prevent it from flowing into the plughole and creating possible clogging. These are made of high quality plastic or metal and made to fit a single or double bowl sink. Plug sizes can change as per the size of your sink.

At Buildworld, we know that Kitchen wastes are essential in maintaining the kitchen working in top condition. We stock wastes with or without overflow and in different sizes, including 90 mm, 60mm and 50mm. Shop for suitable kitchen sink wastes from internationally famed makers known for their technically advanced products for the kitchens and bathrooms. These include Oracstar and Viva and come in black and chrome finishes. Our kitchen wastes come in Brass, Metal, Plastic, Polypropylene, and Stainless-Steel in 2 diameter ranges.

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