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Kitchen Worktops

At Buildworld, we stock worktops in Laminate chipboard, from Duropal which offer a great alternative to expensive stone worktops. Manufactured to high standards, these offer excellent quality, durability and design to match your kitchen and home interiors.

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Dale 150mm Worktop Connectors Pair

Dale 150mm Worktop Connectors Pair

Dale Hardware | Not Yet Rated £2.39
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More Info On Kitchen Worktops

Also called a countertop benchtop, a worktop, it is a horizontal work surface used in kitchens or bathrooms, usually comes with supporting cabinets. All surfaces of the countertop can be decorated in simple or more elaborate styling. Worktops normally accommodate the installation of sinks, cooktops and stoves and also cutting boards.


The choice of material for your kitchen worktops is very important to keep any future issues at bay and save the hassle and expense of redoing the kitchen worktop again. These countertops have to stand up to the daily wear and tear of cooking, cleaning, as well as high levels of heat and humidity. They must also look stylish at the same time.


A material of choice of for kitchen worktops, Granite is stylish, hardwearing and luxurious in every way. It is also resistant to heat, germs and bacterial attacks, keeping your family and home happy and healthy. Very easy to clean and maintain. On the downside, Granite is very heavy and quite expensive.


Unlike Granite, Quartz is an artificially made alternative to the stone worktop. Natural quartz is fortified with resins to improve its hard-wearing capability. Besides durability, it also keeps any germs and bacterial attacks at bay. Easy to clean and manufactured in a massive choice of colours. However, it can be quite expensive.


Hardwood gives you the versatility to experiment with both contemporary and traditional kitchen worktops. Cheaper than quartz and granite, hardwood comes with a variety of wood grains and colours. Well maintained and cleaned it keeps germs at bay. Surfaces can get stained and scratched. Need to be maintained well.


Laminate is yet another popular worktop choice as it is cheaper and easier to work with. It also has antibacterial properties and manufacturers make it in numerous textures and colours to look like its more expensive counterparts. It is easy to clean and maintain, hard-wearing, and resistant to scratched and heat.


Glass has made a fairly recent entry to the worksurface market. It looks luxurious, extremely stylish, versatile and works perfectly in modern homes. Manufactured in different shapes and sizes, hygienic, durable and heat resistant. Glass worktops can be quite expensive.

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