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We carry an extensive range of plumbing fittings for a wide range of application such as gas, drainage, basin, bath, sink, and taps. The plumber's traditional end feed, solder ring fittings, compression fittings, black iron fittings and gas fittings are all available to order online at trade prices. Choose from our selection of Push-fit fittings which are available for plumbers that want the job done quickly. You’ll find everything you possibly need including PTFE, pipe clips, compression and push-fit fittings, copper and PVC products in our fixings section so have a browse and choose your ideal fittings today.

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Oracstar Gas Tape

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More Info On Plumbing

Pipe fittings connect pipes or tubing sections to adapt to different sizes or shapes and other miscellaneous purposes. Fittings require time and tools to install and are an inseparable part of piping and plumbing systems. Valves are also fittings and come in many types.

Fittings enable the installers to install pipes in the proper place and terminate it at the right spot. Each kind of pipe requires its own type of fitting; there are broad similarities amongst them.

Pipe fittings come as male and female for threading. Male threading is on the outside and threads into the female threading which is on the inside of the fitting.

Nipples -extend a line or provide proper threading at the right location. Nipples come in diameters ranging from 1/8" to 4" to integrate with standard pipe diameters and also in various lengths. Long nipples are cut pieces of pipe that come threaded on both ends.

Couplings -these connect all standard pipes and form a tight seal with a pipe wrench, and pipe-joint compound will waterproof connection.

Bushings -these are inserted inside a coupling for reducing pipe size. With a coupling, a run of pipe can be reduced by one or 2 sizes, but with a series of bushings, an infinite number of reductions can be made.

Floor Flanges -flanges are used for connecting pipes to a wall, floor or any flat surface. Flanges are threaded onto pipe and tightened.

Elbow -elbows are used to change the direction of pipe. Elbows are 90 degree and 45-degree elbows that come with inside threads on both ends. Street elbows come with inside thread on one end and outside thread on the other.

Reducers -these are used for reduction in pipe size. Bushings are screwed into a coupling while reducers are directly screwed onto pipe threads. Can reduce pipe from one size to many sizes.

Side-Outlet Elbows -these elbows come with three-way outlets and are used as corner pieces for fences and railings. Also used for pipe connections on corner construction.

Crosses and Tees -these are available in all sizes and shapes. Most common is straight tee which has three inside threads of the same size which can be used to run three pipes in a "T" shape. Reducing tee has same shape, but two straight ends of the "T" are reduced one size or more.

Four-Way Tee (Side Outlet) -similar to the side-outlet elbow except side outlet runs through the elbow with an opening of the same size on each end. Straight cross has four outlets for pipe of the same size. Side-outlet cross has an opening on the side for a fifth pipe of the same size.

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