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Compression Pipe Fittings & Elbow

Compression Fittings come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate multiple electrical and plumbing piping ranges and satisfy multiple purposes. A compression fitting consists of an outer compression nut and an inner compression ring, also known as a ferrule. These are used to join individual plumbing pipes or electrical conduits.

Compression fittings are typically made out of copper or brass, pp compression fittings, and PVC pipe fittings. In cases where disparate piping materials are joined, the nut and ferrule may be made out of two different metals. Flare fittings demand modification of the tubing with a specific tool and are appropriate for high-pressure lines. A more recent development is a push-in fitting that fits over the end of a tube using a grip ring.

No matter what type of compression fittings you may need, you're sure to find them here. We have standard compression couplings, 90 degree bends, threaded adapter, elbow, compression tap connectors, compression reduction couplings, double-ended compression valves, standard and angled isolation valves, elbow fittings, and compression wallplates. You can browse our entire selection online or visit one of our stores in Leicester.

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