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Gas Fittings & Gas Pipe Fittings

Buildworld has been serving the people of London and the surrounding regions, and we are proud to say we’ve earned a reputation for honest and fair dealing, excellent customer service, the highest quality products, and the lowest prices. Gas pipe fittings include adapters, coupling, cross or 4-way, 45° or 90° elbow fittings, and quick couplers.

Gas fittings are the essential part of any natural gas delivery system, and you have to use the right fitting, and the best quality one, for safety’s sake. We carry only the highest quality gas pipes and gas fittings in our extensive inventory. Thermo couplings, gas meter boxes, hoses, restrictors, for the professional worker or the home do-it-yourselfer, we’ll have the gas fitting you need, all the time, every time. And if you aren’t sure which gas fittings you need for your specific application, our team of trained and experienced salespersons will be happy to assist you in finding the right part for your job.

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