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Copper Pipe & Fittings

Pipes made from copper precludes the possibility for micro-organisms to breed within its confines, preventing bacterial infestation inside the pipeline. In addition to being bio-static, copper is far more malleable than steel, which allows a greater range of bends and curves to eliminate specialised use of fasteners or joint fixtures during installation. Copper pipes offer dependable, lead-free connections that require zero maintenance. However, cold temperatures in the extreme tend to cause copper pipes to split once the water within the pipes freeze. Copper fittings have exceptional thermal conductivity, making them efficient connectors in straight sections of pipe or tube. Manufactured in a broad range of sizes, copper pipes, corrosion and fire-resistant, are used in plumbing to manipulate the flow of water, gas, or liquid within a system of pipes or tubes. Copper fittings are highly adaptable and easily manoeuvred, making them instrumental in establishing competent joints and connections. These fittings can be soldered or brazed to pipes. Fittings designed for use with the copper pipe are usually made of high quality copper and include Elbows, flanges, couplings, tees, end caps, reducers and more. Refrigerant lines, below the ground piping, and compact sealing functions take advantage of copper fittings.

A wide range of copper pipes and fittings are available at Buildworld, allowing buyers more meaningful choices in procuring coil lengths, elbows, couplings, reducers, valves, tees, and inserts. We offer various sizes and designs supporting a wide range of custom projects, maintenance needs, and upgrades. Copper tubes and fittings have a proven record for outstanding performance and provide a cost-effective solution to many installations. These are durable and easy to install. We offer a variety of mains water supply pieces in both piping and fittings. Designed specifically for long-lasting, underground water services, our piping and fittings connect individual water main properties to various distribution points.

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