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Pan Connectors

Fitted into the back of the toilet pan connecting the toilet to the soil pipe, also known as the waste pipe. These Connectors are an essential cog in our bathrooms' plumbing system that ensures its smooth functioning. A toilet pan connector is an inexpensive fitting component that is easy to install, connecting to different pipe materials with a negligible amount of physical labor. Routine maintenance checks are recommended for replacing older products with new ones to keep the plumbing seamless.

WC pan connectors use materials like polypropylene or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) plastics, possessing remarkable flexibility to accommodate bends and adjustments along with a high level of endurance to sustain efficient bathroom plumbing. Pan connectors often feature a rubber sealing washer for an efficient and tight seal.

We stock a number of products catering to diverse undertakings in plumbing activities. Whether the outlet pan connection involves angled waste pipes easily serviced by bent pan connectors or a difficult scenario involving soil pipes suffering misalignment requires a seamless connection with evenly arranged outlets using offset pan connectors. The product range at Buildworld is capable of addressing the entire range of installation complexities.

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