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Pipe Insulation & Cylinder Jackets

Pipe Insulation describes the process of using products that reduce heat loss or gain by forming a barrier between the environment and the pipe surface. Pipe insulation can prevent condensation and freezing of pipes which can cause a pipe system to collapse in many ways. The performance of different pipe insulation on an application depends on its thermal conductivity, surface emissivity, moisture resistance, and thickness. Whether it's a gas pipe, hot or cold water pipe, it will benefit immensely with a consistent temperature. Insulation delivers better process control by maintaining temperature in the pipeline and preventing energy loss.

Pipe insulation for domestic purposes is usually insulation of central heating systems pipework and in loft spaces to prevent freezing. The most common insulation materials for piping are Fibreglass, elastomeric foam, spray foam, polyethene, cellular glass, aerogel and more. Polyethene is a foamed insulation used to prevent freezing of domestic water supply pipes and reduce heat loss in domestic heating pipes.

Similar to pipes, the insulation of hot water cylinders is also key for their optimal running. Hot water lagging jackets will provide the right kind of insulation by retaining heat for longer upon heating and, therefore, reduce your energy bills. These jackets are available in a range of sizes to fit different cylinder types. Buildworld offers a great collection of pipe and hot water cylinder insulation from market-leading brands like Arctic Hayes and Climaflex. Choose from various forms of insulation which include rolls, jackets, and cavity closers across the range.

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