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Push Fit Pipe & Fittings

As a time-saving measure, push-fit-pipe and fittings allow extraordinary accuracy in trying conditions such as time-bound pipe repairs having little or no time for PVC-oriented treatment which requires the solvent or glue to dry. The efficiency factor is markedly elevated, delivering neat and precise adjustments with minimum clutter on the site. Easy to procure in diverse materials, push-fit plumbing fittings are easily paired with a wide range of pipe categories in different materials. PVC and uPVC push-fit plumbing fittings can be unmounted when needed, whereas copper fittings cannot.

A variety of customized plastic push-fit fittings serve water filters, water heaters, and shut off, to name a few. Compatible with CPVC, PEX, and copper water pipes, the push-fit fittings from Buildworld include End Feed Fittings, Brass Push-Fit, Soldering, and PVC manufactured by renowned and trusted brands. Get the best quality products from John-Guest, Oracstar and Buildworld, in ABS, PEX, Plastic and Polybutylene.

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