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Push Fit Pipe & Fittings

Plumbing problems often demand innovative solutions. The emergence of unforeseeable scenarios cause by overlooking leaky gasket, an inoperable valve or a loose-fitting is a real and avoidable possibility. Effective solutions exist when applied in a timely manner with an efficient choice. The Buildworld catalogue offers a wide range of highly adaptable and effective variables in push-fit accessories for highly effective solutions.

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More Info On Push Fit Pipes & Fittings

Push Fit fittings eliminate the use of dangerous solvents and expertise in plumbing, hitherto regarded as a pre-requisite for laying, connecting, and fitting pipes. It takes a series of spurs inside the ring of push-fit-fittings to clasp the pipe in a secured manner once embedded into the allotted socket. This mechanism ensures non-slippage whilst retaining a firm hold on the connected pipes with reliable stability. Fresh installation joints and repairs work alike—these air-tight fittings have not only achieved parity with sweat soldering employed in joining copper pipes, but have established a new paradigm by becoming a reliable alternative in connecting Chlorinated Polyvinyl chloride pipes (CPVC), PEX, and copper pipes with their in-built water and weather resistant chloroprene rubber O-rings. The resulting seal is not only waterproof but its resistance extends to oxidation and UV light in equal measure.

As a time-saving measure push-fit-fittings allow extraordinary accuracy in trying conditions such as time-bound pipe repairs having little or no time for PVC oriented treatment which requires the solvent or glue to dry. The factor of efficiency is markedly elevated delivering neat and precise handling of adjustments with minimum clutter on the site. Easy to procure in diverse materials, the push-fit-fittings are easily paired with a wide range of pipe categories in different materials. Interim connection requiring alterations and adjustments are best served with push-fit-fittings. Overcoming the limitation of wet conditions which severely apprehend the applicability of solvent fittings—push-fit-fittings outperform solvent fittings in repairing pipes affected by leakages. However, water temperature and pounds per square inch stipulations for PVC push-fit-fittings must be observed to avoid mismatches and mishaps.

A variety of customized push-fits serve water filters, water heaters, and shutoff to name a few. Incompatible with galvanized pipes, a good majority of push-fits are unsuitable for copper tubes with a soft and flexible disposition. CPVC, PEX, and copper water pipes of the rigid variety remain its dominant playing field. Buildworld offers a plethora of accessories including End Feed Fittings, Brass, Push-Fit, Soldering and PVC manufactured by renowned and trusted brands.

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