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Soldering & Brazing Tools

Brazing and Soldering use extreme heat and filler metal to merge metals at different temperatures using a different set of bonding tools. Brazing joins metals at a temperature above 840°F. At the same time, Soldering happens below 840°F, the process of capillary attraction, which allows filler metal (which melts at a temperature below the base metals’ that are to be fused) to enter the joints of the metals through a capillary liquid, is common to both metal fusing methods.

At Buildworld, we strive to offer the highest quality Soldering and Brazing tools at competitive rates. Established names such as Arctic Hayes, Dickie Dyer, and Faithfull appear among the most prominent brands, which not only cater to diverse undertakings but address the aspect of providing appropriate quantity packages. A comprehensive inventory of Soldering and brazing tools is available for you to attend to specific requirements of your project. Our soldering products include soldering torches, flux, solder mats, copper pipe cutters, sanders, brushes, and more.

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