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Hygiene and odour rank very high in bathrooms where the role of plumbing accessories is paramount in not only ensuring the seamless discharge of wastewater from any bathroom but to keep bad odour and unhygienic gases away from the confines of our habitable spaces. Bath traps: located beneath bathtubs; and bottle traps: placed underneath washbasins prevent the return of toxic gases from drainpipes by retaining or trapping a certain amount of water to secure the basin or bath's passage against sewer gases.

The bottle-shaped basin trap houses a curve within its compact body to allow assimilation with sleek bodied basins and sinks. P-traps are very popular in the washbasins' bottle trap segment due to their highly efficient design, particularly suitable for narrow basins. On the other hand, S-traps are not as popular as the P-trap. They require a lot more installation space laced with lesser amounts of water retention, leaving the sink and bathroom area vulnerable to gases returning from the sewer.

Bottle and Bath Traps at Buildworld are manufactured by some of the most trusted brands, namely Masterflow, McAlpine, Oracstar, Viva, and many more belonging to the higher echelons of bathroom accessories manufacturing. You can be assured of the durability and longevity of these guarantee backed fixtures. Competitive pricing, quality assured products from reputed brands are easy to install. Keep your bathrooms and sinks clear of bad odour with high-quality bath and bottle traps.

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