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Waste Pipes & Fittings

Waste pipe fittings and accessories form an essential link in the waste management system chain and help in the efficient working of the drainage system. These units connect directly with your pipes and are integral to any robust plumbing system network, throwing out wastewater or excess water. These are made of industrial-grade plastics and can be installed using solvent weld or push-fit jointing and connected to pipes using multi-fit connections. Waste has a broad scope in both residential and commercial applications.

Removal of wastewater, food leftover, and grease within hotels and homes is crucial to keep germs and pests away and prevent clogs. Buildworld provides a range of waste pipes and fittings for a free-flowing disposal system, from simple drainers, to waste pipes, reducers, locking kits, and grease traps. We offer a wide range of products from Buildworld, John-Guest and Oracstar for your drainage pipe systems. Our waste pipes and fittings are simple to install, use and maintain with sturdy construction to withstand daily use and come in white, black, and red to match with the pipes of the same brands.

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