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Tile Trims

Considered essential from an aesthetic, maintenance and safety viewpoint—tile trims soften the sharp edges around tiles appearing as the final layer of completion. Tile trims are the perfect solution for protruding tiles, nosing out of the wall or floor edges. Tremendously useful in masking edges that otherwise turn into eyesores. Tiling jobs are incomplete without the finishing touch imparted in the detailing of the edges through tile trims.

Thoroughly designed to impart a variety of finishes to corners, edges and tile borders meeting range of preferences, the range of tile trims at Buildworld comprises well-established brands. The product fabrication types include PVC Vinyl, Aluminium and Stainless Steel, capable of applications on tiles, laminates, wood or stones delivering excellent finishes on corners, quadrants, skirting edges, and square edges.

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More Info On Tile Trims

Skirting tiling layouts along with the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas deemed fit for tiling work— tile trims are designed to complement counter-top, windowsills, backsplash, and semi-tiled zones. Their presence becomes crucial in merging tiles of uneven size or while fusing tiles with different  surface material.   Quarter round, chair rail, and bullnose are some of the prominent types of tile trims in circulation. It has become an industry norm among several brands to offer tile trim to complement tiles manufactured by them. Tile trims have additional features such as easy and quick installation; ease in cutting to length, and easily blending in with room decor.

Tile trims include a vast range of smooth and practical solutions to guard and protect tiles. They adapt well to various tiling layouts and settings. They work well with a vast range of part-tiled regions, windowsills and splashback. There are numerous types of tile trims that have been designed to suit different purposes of tile trimming.

Edge glaze is one of the most suitable tile trim options for kitchen backsplashes including areas with an open corner on backsplash peeking out of the cabinet and kitchen countertop area. It is equally effective on edges of bathroom walls around the shower area and skirting shower niches.

The bullnose option allows the edges to curve on one side, merging tiles at 90 degrees without unevenness. Wall corners, shower niches and windowsills are well-matched to receive bullnose tile trims.

V-caps tile trims are highly suitable for windowsills and hold the distinction of being the only option among tile trims to cover corners at 90 degrees comprehensively. Cove base tile trims create a natural passage at the base of tiled walls or shower walls keeping moisture away at the meeting point of the wall and floor.

Particularly effective in framing backsplashes for stove and mosaic tiles areas—chair rails variety of tile trim has outgrown its traditional territory: covering walls behind chairs to envelope areas in the kitchen, bathrooms, or any tiled area.

Tile trims enhance tiling layouts and assist as accessories in the process of laying tiles integrating functionality with safety along with aesthetics.

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