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Pipe Benders & Formers

It's crucial for plumbing pipes to be level to allow for proper water flow and to use proper pipe bending techniques for plumbing repairs. Bending a pipe at the wrong angle can cause a wide range of issues, and it’s something that’s easy to prevent with the right tools.

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More Info On Pipe Benders & Formers

We carry a range of pipe benders and formers. The tool experts at Faithfull Tool Company, Rothenberger, and Irwin have designed a tool that will be perfect for you and your pipes. Before making a purchase, you might wonder why you need a pipe bender or former.

How Do Benders and Formers Work?

A pipe bender and former helps you manipulate the conduit and plumbing pipe to fit your construction project. Obstacles such as lightboxes, stairs, or skirt boards can make piping a home or business tricky. You will need a pipe bender or former to shape pipes and go around these different obstacles.

Benefits of Bending Pipes

Pipe benders and formers are great tools for installing refrigeration lines and any other water line your home or business needs. The reason they are so good at this is that they eliminate the need for fittings. Fittings can cause water leakage from pipes. Water leaks can cause another host of problems. Overall, pipe benders and formers are a more efficient and cheaper option.

Our Pipe Bender and Former Tools

Our range of portable tube and pipe benders come with solid aluminum formers and can bend copper and stainless steel pipes ranging from 15 mm to 22 mm. Because they are lightweight and portable, you can place them in your tool bag and go.

We also offer guides and levels to help you get a precise result. You can use our guides with any pipe ranging from 15 to 22mm. Using a guide allows you to bend a pipe at the correct angle, and double-checking your work with a level will ensure proper water or gas flow in the finished installation.

Pipe benders and formers are crucial tools for installing plumbing, gas lines, and other pipes. They allow you to shape pipes, get around obstacles, and ensure proper water or gas flow while reducing the need for fittings that might require maintenance and repairs over time.

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