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Pipe Slicers Cutters & Cleaners

At Buildworld, our pipe cutting tools and accessories offer maximum ease of operation to make your pipe cutting projects easier and faster. Our tools are suitable for cutting pipes made of plastics such as PVC, CPVC, HDPE, ABS, copper, aluminium, copper-zinc alloy, steel and stainless steel. The cuts are made in one direction to give the perfect cutting edge so there are no uneven joints. The long lasting hardened steel cutting wheels are easy to replace upon wear.

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Pipecutter is a type of handheld tool used by plumbers for cutting pipe using mechanical action. Using a pipe cutter ensures clean cuts, besides being a more convenient way of cutting pipe compared to a hacksaw. It is important to use the correct pipe cutter for efficient and quick completion of tasks. There are several types of specialized pipe cutters as well as miscellaneous cutting tools that can be used to cut plumbing pipes.

Plastic tubing cutters are tools that look like pruners and are used to cut thinner pipes and tubes. Thicker pipe cutters come with a sharp wheel and adjustable jaw grips. These use the rotary moment of the wheel to make the cut in PVC, HDPE, plastic as well as metal pipe.

Heavy-duty steel and aluminium pipe cutters are used for making cuts in metal pipes. An angle grinder or reciprocating saw may be needed in confined areas. The metal pipe cutter is aligned to the area of the galvanized pipe where you need to cut and is then rotated so that the wheel cuts deeper until the pipe is severed. The cutter wheel is usually spring loaded to provide a constant cutting pressure.

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