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Water Storage

Buildworld brings to you an overwhelming range of products for building hot water systems, so you have the freedom to decide which one works best for you. The extensive and useful products collection includes Vented and Unvented Cylinders,cold water tanks, water heating valves and accessories and fittings. These products combine to bring you hot water systems that are extremely efficient but also update your bathroom ambience with their presence. A piece of this collection will certainly draw you admiration and bring you immense convenience.

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Heating systems are generally of 2 types: Vented and Unvented

A vented hot water system is useful when you have a cold water storage tank already installed, usually in the loft. Here the tank is connected to a hot water cylinder using a vent pipe. Traditionally made using copper, modern ones use copper and stainless steel and employ the gravitational force to supply water to the vented cylinder for heating that in turn feeds it to taps. Vented hot water systems are low on maintenance, simple and cheap.

However,the less complicated and modern systems are the unvented systems that use unvented or expansion cylinders which expand upon heating and come without a vent. These pull water directly from the mains water supply for heating and then move water to the different outlets.

Both Vented and Unvented cylinders come in a variety of materials to make your heating system more efficient and lower your fuel bills. Unvented systems are more compact and can fit into tight spaces.

If you’re not sure which one will work better for you then our technical support will guide you with the details. Also check out related accessories that make installing and maintaining your heating systems easy and within budget.

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