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Vented Cylinders

You can purchase high quality vented cylinders from Buildworld made from the best materials to provide you efficient heating and hot water at low prices. Vented cylinders have been used as a traditional option for years and were made from high conductivity copper. Now-a-days, these can be found both in copper and stainless steel. The cost of setting up and maintaining these systems is also much lower than unvented ones.

More Info On Vented Cylinders

The vented cylinder is a part of vented systems that are age old and very popular hot water systems across the UK. Vented hot water systems also called gravity fed systems utilize Vented or open-vented cylinders that connect to a large tank of cold water. The force of gravity carries water from the tank through a vent pipe downwards to the hot water cylinder for heating. Therefore, vented cylinders come with vents to connect to the storage tank above.

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