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Artificial Grass

With as little tending as a timely wash to unsettle and wash away the dust along with minor raking to remove leaves, the time and money saved through this one-time expense with long-term absence of maintenance expenditure, otherwise required on real grass turf, is a valuable investment. Buildworld offers options in artificial grass to match a wide range of requirements and landscaping ideas.

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More Info On Artificial Grass

The vicissitudes of maintaining a lawn are boundless, often bordering frantic devotion. The mowing, soil aeration, removing weeds, combating pests, and keeping up a steady supply of fertilizer nourishment are some of the elementary acts of commitment a lawn demands. The aforementioned challenges associated with the upkeep of natural grass lawns have led to the new rising culture of lawns with artificial grass. Artificial grass have been in use as artificial turf in numerous sporting arenas and events for decades and its entry into the home lawn is quite recent in comparison but its popularity is certainly gaining momentum.

Artificial Grass Composition

Available in polyethylene which has an almost identical resemblance to grass; polypropylene the most economical and highly suitable for indoor use; and its nylon manifestation, owing to its high-resilience and robust composition, is often deployed above the soil line as the thatch layer to impart body volume and strength to the top layer of grass blades which is usually made from a different material as nylon does not score very highly on texture and aesthetics. The presence of multiple layers, consisting of infill, cushioning, and drainage layers is a sign of a good artificial grass turf. Resistance to staining and healthy amounts of perforation keep the grass-surface clean and even as a good quality turf allows easy discharge of water and waste substance. Grass turf customized for outdoor and extreme weather conditions are designed to retain its texture and colour under extreme heat and shows equally competent resilience to freezing temperatures. Fire-resistant material makes them safe in settings involving products and activities connected to the use of fire. Polyurethane coating on back layer of the artificial grass adds durability especially in turfs made from polypropylene or even polyethylene saving them from unwanted repairs and maintenance jobs.

The Cost, Colour and Length of Blades

The most expensive type of artificial grass is made of nylon which ranks low on aesthetics but high on durability while the best aesthetic experience is lived with polyethylene which is less expensive than nylon and is often the middle path for those looking at a mix of durability and aesthetic flavour. Polypropylene, despite being the most economical choice for projects with budget constraints, suffers in the durability department with very low resistance to high temperature and a propensity to lose its form under extreme heat. Grass turfs with variegated shades of green appear more real than those with one solid stroke of green, increasing the assimilation chances of the turf with the natural landscape. The length of the grass blade is another factor worth considering as short blades easily betray the artificial element but are easy to clean. Medium length blades feel the most real, while the long blades appear the fullest tend to lose the upright position drooping to one side with the impression of being swept.

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