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Fence Posts

Buildworld presents the Metpost range of fencing accessories specifically designed for quick and efficient putting up of fences and post supports. Metpost products are galvanized and packaged in paint finish, regarded highly instrumental in the installation of new fencing and conducting repairs. Made from heavy gauge steel in different sizes, all supports are applied a protective layer of durable red oxide finish. The product range includes Metclips, Metpost Repair Spurs, Metpost Bolt-down Anchors, Metpost Post Support Spikes and Metpost Post Extenders.

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Spike into the ground

Post spikes are a premier alternative to setting fence posts in concrete, which are an elaborate affair involving aggregates, concrete and a lot of digging. Although post fences secured in concrete hold the promise of stability, they also expose the portion of the buried wooden posts to the risk of decay and deterioration. Post spikes on the other hand eliminate the threat of wood decaying by holding the entire fence post, including the base of the fence post, above the ground.  The bolt-in mechanism keep the fence posts anchored in the most vehement windy conditions and are easily replaceable in the event of restructuring or realignments. Apart from being the most popular post holders owing to their easy installation process, spikes are heavy gauge steel manufactured and coated with red oxide to fight corrosion and deterioration resulting from dampness in soil, which makes them very durable and long lasting.

Bolt it

Bolt-down post holders are extremely sought after as the hard surface bolted alternative on concrete, stone, and timber floor surfaces. These holders are prefabricated with holes to facilitate fastening on to the floor with screws in its corners. Bolt-down holders are very concrete friendly proving to be a desirable match when installed on concrete. Its galvanised steel body does have the capacity to last a long period of time provided timely maintenance is carried out. Being fastened on the surface does take away from the aesthetic score and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of smooth finishing which it does compensate with its easy to dismantle and easy to install feature.

Saving the post-saving the fence

Repair Spurs are very reliable in providing additional support to weak posts or those nearing dilapidation by attaching itself in the area between the endangered post and the base(usually concrete) of the post. The inconvenience of replacing the entire fence ceases to be the imminent threat—a reality in the past, where a few damaged posts automatically meant the end of the entire fence—which can not only be averted by providing timely support but infusing the damaged post with the strength of reinforcement. Concrete spurs are at the forefront in the arena of repair spur activity and are closely followed by steel, and wood.

Extended Posts

Post Extenders, as the name suggests, majorly contribute in extending the height of a fence, but these are also a great resource for saving a post that has sustained minor damage or is in its early stages of decay. Additionally, these are also used to augment an extra layer in the structure to fulfil functional requirement of adding to the privacy quotient of a fence by attaching screen panels, or aesthetic considerations such as adding trellis on top of the fence.

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