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Fencing Gravel Boards

In addition to increasing the life span of the fence as protective barriers-Gravel boards lend an aesthetic charm when chosen in the right size and colour in accordance with the architectural design. The wooden gravel board collection at Buildworld is pressure treated and easy to install for fresh installations and replacements. We also stock concrete gravel boards for projects with more emphasis of endurance.

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More Info On Gravel Boards

Fence panels without Gravel boards run the risk of rotting. Moisture present in the soil seeps through fence panels in the absence of gravel board that act as protective barriers. Gravel Boards are placed between fence posts covering the under portion of fence panels, which not only eliminates the problem of the soil coming in contact with the fence panels but the procedure incidentally enhances the stability of the fence, providing additional support to the structure’s base and improving on its alignment.

Wooden Charm or Unbreakable Concrete

Gravel boards are commonly fashioned in concrete or from wood, finished in a smooth cast form as well as recessed formats. Concrete posts are known for having recesses by design to receive concrete gravels, which makes them ideally suited for each other, however, wooden gravel boards are equally well-matched with concrete fence posts. Wooden gravel boards as a precautionary measure require pressure treatment for better performance and for this reason the pressure treated variety is the preferred material, especially with timber post fences. Although concrete gravel boards are impervious to suffering any damage from rot or split like wood their aesthetic limitations, high pricing, and laborious installation often limits their pairing with concrete fence posts. Conversely, wooden gravel boards are budget friendly, easy to procure, and despite having a shorter life than concrete boards are preferred for their aesthetic value when paired with timber fence panels. Concrete gravel boards do not attract any maintenance and are great at improving the stability factor of the fence, but they aren’t easy to resize, which allows wooden boards a slight edge as easier to install, replace and resize for refurbishing projects.

The fixing factor

Concrete gravel boards, in addition to being the sturdier choice, acquire a serious advantage when installed along concrete fence panels consisting of concrete fence posts with slots, which eliminate the need to drill holes for cleats to bind the post and gravel boards. Moreover, fence cleats play a crucial role in attaching wooden gravel boards to timber fence posts or when the recesses are missing in the concrete fence posts during concrete gravel board installations. Clipping the gravel board to the fence post is easier when the cleats are screwed on the timber fence post with timber gravel boards as concrete posts require demand the tedium of drilling holes for the cleat to be affixed. Cleats along with board clips are the most reliable fixing agents for both wooden and concrete gravel board installations.

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