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At Buildworld, we stock a range of decorative features like Pavings, Wallings, decorative aggregates or chippings, finishing sands and artificial grass. Placing these strategically will lend a stunning look to any garden project. You can view our complete walling products here at extremely economical prices to quickly complete your project. Buying superior quality products is a clever choice, and all our walling features come to you from the biggest brands for your complete satisfaction.

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More Info On Walling

Decorative outdoor garden features are just what is needed to create the ideal, relaxed surrounding in the house. You can easily see the difference in a home with and the one without a nice decorative landscape around it. Besides giving the property a new dimension, such features also add value and offer a relaxing setting for warmer days.

Walling Features

Walling features come in many sizes, shapes and are made from different materials to suit their purpose. The kind of material you choose will depend on the space available, your budget and ultimately the project plan. You may use a particular colour or a mix of finishes for a unique look. Whether it’s a retaining wall or a feature wall for your garden, you can choose from a locally sourced stone to match your home or a contemporary structure.

Such features can find a functional use or simply enhance the aesthetics or create the central focus in your garden. We bring you products from the experts in stone and can guide you with the best materials for your job.

Walling features in the market are available in both natural and artificial materials. Let's take a look at some of these.


Walling features come as Limestone blocks that are perfect for building retaining walls. Limestone walls blend in well with the local landscape and are a clean, strong option. It is eco-friendly and natural material.


Exclusive handmade garden beds or features are available that can also be laid by the owners themselves, creating that warm, rugged look.

Natural Stone

For a striking look, natural stone options make a beautiful option that can be considered for your project. Stone walls are elegant, attractive and long-lasting.


Natural stone such as limestone, sandstone, and bluestone offers clean, crisp finishes; on the other hand, drystone and free form walling are more organic and rugged in their outlook. Dry stone walls have been traditionally used as field boundaries and churchyard walls and retaining walls on steep slopes.

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